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This page gives access to the most complete world weather report. The sources of weather information behind this report are nothing less than the official meteorological organizations of each participating country.

Collectively these organizations are known as the National Meteorological & Hydrological Services (NMHSs) worldwide.

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Usefulness And Reliability

Planning a trip somewhere in the world? Do you have family, friends or business interests elsewhere in the world? The World Weather Information Service has the meteorological information you need to make informed decisions or simply to satisfy your curiosity.

The forecast information is even available in iPhone and Android versions!

Member countries (166) of the World Meteorological Organization supply their latest ...

  • weather forecast
  • weather observations
  • climatological data

... in a timely fashion, daily.

World weather temperature and forecasts are only a few clicks away.

Consult the
World cloudiness & precipitation map
for additional and useful weather information.


The WMO also produces a wide variety of publications. Some of them are aimed at the general public. For example, the publication titled "Climate for you" (available free in PDF format) describes, in laymen terms, earth's climate variations, from thousands of years ago to today.

Although we have only recently had (over the past 200 years or so) the technological means to record accurately these climate variations, a science called paleoclimatology has enabled us to acquire useful information about earth's past climate variations reaching back millions of years!

For example, paleoclimatology has enabled us to explore the abnormally cold "Medieval Climatic Anomaly" and, more recently, the lack of summer in 1816, which has been attributed to the huge eruption of Mount Tambora in 1815!

"Climate for you" is indeed a most fascinating read! Get it. It's free!

Among many other WMO publications, "Weather extremes in a changing climate: hindsight on foresight" is just as fascinating and informative as "Climate for you". It too is available free.

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