The Weather Watcher In You

If you are a weather watcher like me, you are interested by weather phenomena, especially when they are spectacular like

  • thunderstorms,
  • rain storms,
  • wind storms
  • ice storms
  • snow storms.
In Canada, we are "fortunate"! We can eventually observe at least one occurrence, if not more, of each of the above weather phenomenon, most years.

To fully understand how weather works, I highly recommend Meteorology: An Introduction to the Wonders of the Weather!

Proactive Wx Watching

Canada operates a network of 31 weather radars, located strategically to cover (watch over) the most populated areas of the country. You can view the latest Canadian Weather Radar Composite Map here.

Weather radars help you keep a proactive weather watch. Radars are the serious weather observer's most sophisticated weather observing tool. By using them, you can see impending precipitation areas approach your region, and stand ready to take observations in a timely manner.

For The Record

I like to keep a record of what I observe.

Live observation from my weather station.
Davis Vantage Vue ISS

If, like me, you own one of the latest models of wireless weather stations - the wx watcher's dream machine - keeping records of measurable and quantifiable parameters is easy.

However, there are things that cannot be quantified, but should nevertheless be recorded. One example of this is the combined effect of ...

  • temperature,
  • wind,
  • precipitation,
  • sunshine,

... on our daily activities, and those of others.

By watching and recording the weather every day, you and I become "experts" in interpreting what we see. With time, we get to recognize the telltale signs of impending significant weather.

Our friends and acquaintances may tease us about our weather watching activities - our "head in the clouds", yet they invariably call upon us to advise them on a planned outdoor activity of their own.

If you are an avid weather observer, you know what I mean!

A Rewarding Occupation

We can be useful to others, which is gratifying enough in itself. But, our knowledge and know-how can sometimes turn into unexpected profit, in the form of

  • a job offer,
  • a contract,
  • a self employed opportunity.

Take this Web site, for example.

I can monetize my knowledge by sharing it with you in my pages. This information attracts an increasing flow of visitors to my site, each month.

Some of my visitors may click on an ad, and buy a product or a service from an advertiser on my site. This generates revenue for me, in the form of referral fees or, simply, a few cents per click. The cents add up, and that makes sense (pun intended!).

Yes. Being a weather watcher can be a most rewarding occupation, in more ways than one!

Stay tuned, and keep a sharp Wx watch!

Claude Jollet B.Sc.A.
Meteorological Information Specialist and Webmaster

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