The Weather Canada Offers
To Satisfy All

The weather Canada has to offer can satisfy even the most demanding tastes!

Imagine a country with endless beaches on the Pacific and Atlantic coastal areas, as well as on the shores of the Great Lakes inland.

Imagine the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia with their snow caps, the deep valleys and the rivers, the vast plains of the interior, the forests and millions of lakes of Ontario and Quebec, the quiet beauty of the Atlantic provinces.

Imagine all these attributes regularly enhanced by seasonal changes!

Canada has so much to offer that most Canadians have never visited all of its provinces, much less the far north and Arctic regions!

A Virtual Tour

Fortunately, there is the Internet! At least, you can virtually visit of all the Canadian regions.

  • You can sample the many attributes of Canada at the official travel guide to Canada -

  • In fact, you can learn about the climate and weather that characterize each region right here on this Web site!

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