Thunderstorm Pictures
Uniquely Beautiful

I have created this page of thunderstorm pictures to satisfy the ever growing number of emails requesting them.

Thunderstorm pictures - a beautiful one!

Here is a small sample of remarkable photos of thunderstorms (cumulonimbus) in various stages of formation.

I selected ten images from hundreds more that you will find here.

I chose each of them to further illustrate the information on thunderstorms that I published on the main page of the section on "How Weather Works" on this Web site.

Taking pictures of thunderstorms is a matter of timing, patience and art.

But not every one can take aerial photographs, of course. So, I've included a few of them in this selection ... for your enjoyment. There's lots more where I found them!

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A unique and very beautiful aerial photo of a maturing thunderstorm (cumulonimbus) top. Thunderstorm pictures - a unique aerial photo of a maturing thunderstorm (cumulonimbus) top.
An "explosive" thunderstorm cell ... in a hurry to pound! Thunderstorm pictures - an explosive one!
Another "explosive" cell at a slightly earlier stage. Note the roiling mammatus in the leading underside, sure sign of heavy turbulence. Thunderstorm pictures - another explosive one.
Dramatic view of the advancing lower deck of a very strong thunderstorm. Thunderstorm pictures - a thunderstorm front deck.
A clear view of "mammatus" formation in the underside of the leading edge of a thunderstorm cell indicates severe turbulence. A sure sign that the cell packs a lot of power! Thunderstorm pictures - mammatus sure sign of severe turbulence.
A beautiful picture of a thunderstorm in action. Thunderstorm pictures - action!
Stage 1 - aerial view of a maturing cumulonimbus cell. Thunderstorm pictures - aerial view of a cell in first maturing stage.
Stage 2 - aerial view of mature cumulonimbus approaching final (dissipating) stage. Thunderstorm pictures - beginning of dissipating stage. An aerial view.
Stage 3 - Aerial view of cumulonimbus well into final dissipating stage. Thunderstorm pictures - final dissipating stage (anvil). An aerial view.
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