The Ontario Weather Forecast
At A Glance

Lower down on this page (see below) is the latest official Ontario weather forecast issued by Environment Canada. The local forecasts - and current weather conditions - are presented "at a glance", in highly synthesized visual format.

Whenever a weather Watch, Warning or Alert is issued for any given area, the pictorial will display a highlighted line of text to alert you. Simply click on the the pictorial display for the area you need information for and you will be given access to a detailed description of the current and expected weather conditions.

Each local forecast has obviously been boiled down to the most "significant" elements. In doing so, we gain a lot of time in presenting and in "taking in" the essentials.

Admittedly, these "boiled down" area forecasts leave something to be desired! A lot of "contextual" information has had to be left out, in order to reduce the forecast to "bite size" format.

If you have something "critical" to plan or do in the near future, for which you need significantly more detailed weather information then, fortunately, there is a solution.

  • For the latest forecast, in full for each of Ontario's forecast areas, simply click here.

  • For the latest 5-day forecast, in detail, with current conditions and historical data, then click here.
    When you get to that page, simply select Ontario and your area of interest in the drop down menus under "Forecast Quick Link".

Current Conditions and Forecast
For Some Of The Major Cities In Ontario

Please note that not all Ontario cities are presented below. The page would be much too long! It would take too much time to load. It would also take you too much time to find the information for the specific area you are interested in.


Detailed forecast for all parts of Ontario

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