Lightning Storms
A Pictorial Display

Lightning storms are often this dramatic.

Lightning storms are generated by severe thunderstorms - called super cells. It's called a storm when lightning strikes in rapid succession, sometimes simultaneously over a relatively small region under one or more super cells.

When lightning strikes, the eye is fooled into seeing only one bolt where, in reality, a series of electrostatic discharges are striking in rapid fire fashion, at 40,000 km per second, along the same path!

But, there is no better way to illustrate a storm than by showing you some photographs.

There are hundreds of excellent lightning photos where I found these! I could not cram them all here. This is just a representative sample. Enjoy!

For a better understanding of super cell thunderstorms, and the atmospheric conditions necessary for their spectacular formation, I highly recommend Meteorology: An Introduction to the Wonders of the Weather!

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What more could I add to this picture? Lightning storms - What more could I add to this picture?
Stormy reception awaits down the road! Lightning storms - A stormy reception awaits down the road!
The day ends with a bang on the farm! Lightning storms - The day ends with a bang on the farm!
A magnificent display over Istambul. Lightning storms - Magnificent display over Istambul.
Lonely cactus presiding over a spectacular storm. Lightning storms - Cactus presiding over a spectacular storm.
A noisy hot summer night! Lightning storms - A noisy hot summer night.
Sydney Australia experiencing a rare one. Lightning storms are rarely like this over Sydney Australia.
A super cell ponding on Seattle, Washington USA. Lightning storms sometimes hit Seattle, Washington USA..
A storm of strikes on Hong Kong. Lightning storms over Hong Kong.
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