Stunning Lightning Pictures

Lightning pictures - a bolt and rainbow!

I have created this page of lightning pictures to satisfy the ever growing number of emails requesting that I illustrate the section on this Web site dedicated to the types of lightning.

So here is a small sample of remarkable lightning photos.

There is more where I found the pictures you see here.

Professional and amateur photographers keep augmenting the bank of excellent, yet very affordable photos.

You will even find stunning videos there. All royalty-free!

Taking pictures of lightning is an art. It is also a matter of patience, skill and ... luck. But, the photographer makes his own luck by being there proactively!

To that end, it helps (greatly) to know how weather works and what will be favorable conditions for thunderstorm cloud formation. I recommend Meteorology: An Introduction to the Wonders of the Weather!

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A very rare photo of lightning clearly originating from a thunderstrom anvil. Lightning pictures - a very rare photo of lightning from an anvil.
Lightning striking an isolated oak tree. Lightning pictures - a strike on a tree.
Lightning hits a cargo ship anchored in a harbor ... like a sitting duck! Lightning pictures - a hit on a ship.
Nature can be exuberant and deadly! Lightning pictures - a very exuberant one!
A very active thunderstorm dancing on Seattle, Washington USA. Lightning pictures over Seattle, Washington USA.
A dramatic photo of lightning choosing to miss a domed building. Lightning pictures - a near miss!
A violent lightning storm over Sydney, Australia. Lightning pictures - a lightning strom over a city.
A very good example of cloud-to-cloud lightning discharges. Lightning pictures - cloud-to-cloud discharges.
A lonely lightning strike hits near Nordkirchen Castle in Germany. Lightning pictures - a strike nearly misses a castle.
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