Lacrosse Weather Station
A Popular Choice

A large number of Web surfers look for a Lacrosse weather station on the Web when looking for information on a weather instruments made by La Crosse Technology® (hereafter abreviated to LCT).

Notice the mis-spelling of La Crosse in the headline? Fortunately, most search engines will be 'intelligent' enough to recognize this common spelling error, and return meaningful results in spite of the mistake.

This is perhaps how you landed here.

You're in luck, because here is a link to information on the
wireless weather stations by
La Crosse Technology®

A LCT instrument is popular among weather enthusiasts for three very good reasons:

  • affordability
  • wide choice of wireless models
  • solid reputation

Wide Selection Of Products

Their wide range of weather instruments and stations are made to satisfy the demand for dependable and affordable consumer products.

LCT offers weather related products under seven main categories:

  • Wireless thermometers.
  • Wireless temperature and humidity stations.
  • Wireless Rain Center for the garden.
  • Atomic Alarm Clocks with weather and forecast display.
  • Wireless "Forecast Stations".
  • "Weather Plus" series with more features.
  • "Weather Pro" series of wireless weather stations for the more demanding weather enthusiasts.

Every weather station by LCT also features an Atomic Controlled Clock for precise time indication.

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