The La Crosse Weather Station

A La Crosse weather station is but one of a wide range of consumer electronics products, manufactured by La Crosse Technology®.

They offer a wide assortment of weather station models, ranging in price from...

  • simple outdoor/indoor wireless thermometers selling below $20 USD
  • to complete wireless weather stations, selling for less than $340 USD
  • with mid-range stations ranging in price between $40 and $160 USD

Most of their mid-range stations, and all of their Weather Pro stations use "Swiss Precision Sensors".

La Crosse also manufactures electronic alarm clocks and watches. All their time pieces are calibrated with the aid of the National Institute of Standards and Technology Atomic Clock, which controls a signal transmitted on a frequency of 60kHz, from the WWVB radio transmitting antenna located in Fort Collins, Colorado.

In Europe, the calibrating signal is transmitted on 77 kHz, from an antenna located in Frankfurt, Germany. The products, offered in Europe, are made to comply with European standards and regulations.

Needless to say that every La Crosse weather station, equipped to give time, is also calibrated live by atomic clock.

The Web site of a company can reveal a lot about their commitment to customer satisfaction.

The amount of information they supply you with, to either ...

  • help you make an informed choice
  • help you get the most out of your purchase

... are but two of the many areas where the La Crosse Web site shines. It gives you a very good indication of the quality of their service and products, behind the Web site.

The "Educate Me" section of their Web site is a prime example of this commitment to customer satisfaction and overall experience with their products.

La Crosse Technology® has been manufacturing consumer electronics products since 1985, and have acquired an enviable reputation over the years.

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