The Kyoto Protocol
In The News Again!

Seldom a week goes by without the Kyoto Protocol making the news, for one reason or another.

The Kyoto Protocol is given high visibility by billowing smoke stacks.

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It is hardly surprising that the Protocol make the news so frequently. Every country that adhered (in principle) to the Protocol is now confronted with the near impossible task of fitting it in their respective economy.

Each country of the industrialized world is desperately trying to adapt its strategic plans to a new world context in constant search of equilibrium. This turmoil invariably creates newsworthy events somehow.

Among many side effects, the Protocol has spawned a phenomenon known as the carbon tax!

Many countries are now feverishly trading carbon tax credits, in an effort to alleviate the negative impacts of the Protocol on their economy.

Such practices certainly do not meet with everyone's approval ... to say the least!

On with the news.


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