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Global warming pictures? When I discovered that some of my Web site visitors were looking for pictures of global warming , my first reaction was to ask myself ...

  • How to "picture" or illustrate global warming!
  • Where can one find pictures of a concept?
Global warming pictures start with the main cause: our sun!

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How can I possibly satisfy the demand for pictures of global warming ... if I don't know what you are looking for?

I have to know, if I'm ever going to be able to satisfy such a request. That started me thinking.

Let me explain what my (our) problem is.

Note that Earth's Changing Climate! will (greatly) help you understand what I will present to you in the following paragraphs.

Pictures Of Global Warming Effects?

If by " global warming pictures ", you mean "picturing" the effects, then that can be arranged ... I guess.

Why am I so uncertain, here?

Because, if you want pictures of the effects of global warming ... you would have to be absolutely sure that, what you are looking at is, indeed, the direct result of global warming ... exclusively!

In other words, you might be looking at the effects of one of the causes ... behind global warming!

If you are looking at the result of many causes, then you cannot call any picture a global warming picture.

Confused? Read on. I am about to suggest where to look for a solution.

Pictures of The Causes Of Global Warming?

A picture of the cause behind global warming, then? Hey! Which one.

The world scientific community is torn in half on the issue.

Half of it is pointing at man ... while the other half is either pointing at the sun ... or at the oceans ... or at a number of different phenomena, collectively acting to warm the atmosphere ... to a degree!

The "Big" Picture

A global picture of all the possible global warming causes, perhaps?

Ah! Ha! Now, I think I can give you at least a glimpse ... because, in this case, we are dealing with reality.

I believe I can help you "picture" this harsh reality.

I have an entire section of my Web site devoted to the global warming issue. You will find as many " global warming pictures " as you will find scientific opinions!

You are cordially invited to browse around ... and even comment, if you feel like it!

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