Global Warming Is Not Real ... Anymore?

by Claude A. Jollet B.Sc.A.
(Joliette (QC) Canada)

More and more articles on global warming are telling of "global cooling"! They are not saying that global warming is not real. They are just talking about it in the past tense now, and submitting evidence to support their claim.

Here is one example of such a global warming article.

Essentially, it reports that 2007 did not live up to global warming expectations! I other words, it could have been titled "Global Warming Leaves The World Shivering"!

The article that Jeff Jacoby published in the January 6, 2008 edition of the Boston Globe, is an eye opener, to say the least.

Jeff Jacoby cites a number of examples, taken from around the world, which are liable to dampen global warming spirits.

Is nature's pendulum reversing course toward a global cooling cycle?

It is no coincidence that, on December 12, 2007, 100 scientists from around the world signed an open letter, addressed to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, his Excellency Ban Ki-Moon.

Quoting from that letter: "The current UN approach of CO2 reduction is likely to increase human suffering from future climate change rather than to decrease it."

Now those are strong words, by reputable and credible scientists.

But, they are not surprising. I had also investigated the matter, using official climate data from Environment Canada. I had found no significant evidence of global warming ... over most of Canada! Click here for complete details.

Like I said elsewhere. Keep an open mind and keep searching for the truth. It is not easy to find. You will have to be determined. If you do not actively seek answers, you are going to be told what to think. It might not be in your best interest to do so.

Claude Jollet
Meteorological information specialists - retired.

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Jan 31, 2008
It Takes At Least 30
by: Claude Jollet

Jim Long's request for more data is understandable. It is one of the many reasons behind continued weather observation programs around the world.

Jim's intervention gives me the opportunity to further explain how meaningful and reliable statistical data is derived.

As you can see from the graphs that I published ( ) the temperatures vary wildly, both above and below the 30 year moving average, from one year to the next.

Such yearly variations are the norm. In all but one region (west coast), I could not detect evidence of global warming over Canada during the last 30 years!

It will take years before anyone can tell if there is a trend setting in, or not, on the Canadian west coast, or anywhere else in Canada, for that matter.

For all we know, the west coast warming may reverse. When, and why? That's what we would all like to know. But, right now, we don't know enough about the - long term - causes behind climate variations to predict anything.

I will have to wait at least another 30 years before I, or any one else, can detect a verifiable trend. In statistics, any sample must have at least 30 elements of (verified) data before the analyzed results can be considered significant.

From where I stand, the last 30 only revealed a warming trend on the west coast of Canada ... but none elsewhere.

I won't be around, 30 years from now. But, I'm sure someone will be there to take a cold hard look at the data, then.

May 02, 2009
New advisor
by: Cypress

A visitor on this Web site, who wishes to remain anonymous, has contributed the following.

I invite you to pay close attention to Mr. Holdren's presentation. Run if a few times, if need be.

Among the many high points of Professor Holdren's presentation is his remark on the scientists who submit that the sun - not man - is the dominant influence in climate changes.

Very enlightening.



If you guys just watch this movie of the new science advisor John Holdren of president Barack Obama
Short version of his presentation:

Thnx for your time.

Jan 31, 2008
More info please!
by: Jim Long

I have been looking for evidence, as in un-manipulated data, on actual warming or cooling effects on the earth. Your 2007 data is good. Is the trend on the Canadian pacific coast continuing? Have the temperatures on the rest of Canada continued to be within historical norms?

I do not like politicians trying to force me to believe their statements, positive or negative, without proof.

I have yet to see any evidence that CO2 has created a warming effect. Even the truly large amounts of CO2 released by volcanoes do not seem to be enough to counter the cooling effects of other pollutants in the atmosphere.

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