Myth Busting
Global Warming Graph

This page displays global warming graphs that I am certain you have never seen before.

The graphs on this page take the global atmosphere into consideration, instead of just surface temperatures, often measured too close to industrialized and populated areas of the globe.

The astounding find, depicted by the graphs, is based on a known fact in physics: cold air is heavier than warm air.

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Where Has Global Warming Gone?

At first glance, the first global warming graph (just below) appears to illustrate global warming. After all, the curve is rising! Right?

A global warming graph of astonishing information.

Wait Before You Jump To Conclusions!

Yes, wait before you conclude that the graph above is proof of global warming. Pay close attention to the information on the graph ...

I showed this graph to a few colleagues, and every one of them ... did a "double take" to eventually realize what the curve meant.

The graph above clearly shows that ...
the atmosphere over Canada has been growing colder
for the past four decades!

You Deserve An Explanation

You might (or might not) already know that warm air is lighter than cold air. In other words, warm air weighs less than cold air.

Therefore, the barometric pressure, measured under a warm atmosphere will be lower than under a colder atmosphere.

In other words, global warming should have produced a barometric pressure curve with a downward trend!

But the graph shows that the barometric pressure over Canada has risen, not fallen!

When you see the barometric pressure sharply rise in from 1993 to 1994, please remember that you are looking at a 30 year running average.

This means that the atmosphere started becoming colder,
on the average, as early as 1963 ...
and has kept on getting colder, since then!

Time To Triple Check

When I found this out, I could not believe my eyes. My first reaction was that I must have done something wrong.

I reviewed my procedure three times ... and still came up with the same astonishing results.

Canada has been experiencing atmospheric cooling
over its territory since the early sixties!

What Is Happening?

So. What is behind all the political and media excitement about "global warming"? Makes you wonder, does it not?

Surely, someone in the scientific community must have spotted this. I find it hard to believe that they have not published the fact before. Or, maybe they have ... but the media did not deem it newsworthy!

Are we dealing with a global warming myth?
Worse, a global warming hoax?
I'll let you answer that.
I've done my part to shed light on the matter.

My Study In More Detail

Here is an animated global warming graph of the pressure data from four Canadian meteorological stations used in my study.

An animated global warming graph of consequence.

For details behind my study, and its unexpected findings,
please click here.

The atmospheric station pressure data, used in my study, was obtained,
free of charge, from the
National Climate Data and Information Archive Of Canada

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