Global Warming Effects And Alarmists

by Lise Rondeau

I agree with Andrew C. Revkin who wrote the New York Time article titled
"Alarming Weather and Global Warming".

It would be nice for us laymen if the media were to lay off the sensationalism. Of course, the cataclysmic headlines sell papers and TV ad space ... more than the latest scientific research findings.

Media publish what it believes is newsworthy. We end up being fed biased information ... meant to sell papers and acquire a readership, viewing or listening audience.

Our politicians depend on us, the voting citizen, to guide them toward the action of common sense.

How are we to guide our politicians, if we cannot get the full story.

I like the idea of giving us access to information from all sides, on the issue of global warming and climate change.

This page and Web site is a great help.

Thanks for letting me comment!

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