The Global Warming And Canada

Think of global warming and Canada ... seems to have been spared!

Global warming and Canada barometer.

Truth is, Canada is under unexpected pressure!

Is Canada exceptional? Not in the least, as you will soon find out.

The graphs below will illustrate my point.

But first, allow me to share with you some essential background information about the atmosphere we live in.

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The Facts

I had already found verifiable evidence (see bottom of page) that the temperatures, as measured on the surface in Canada over the past 30 years or so, had not risen to any significant degree (pun intended).

Now for even more conflicting global warming facts.

  • Warm air is lighter than cold air.

  • We live on the surface of the earth, at the very bottom of a "sea" of air called the atmosphere.

  • When we measure atmospheric pressure (barometric pressure), we are, in fact, measuring the weight of the air exerted on everything at the surface of the earth ... including us.

  • Global warming should mean that, globally, the atmosphere has gotten warmer and, consequently, lighter. Right?

Therefore, with global warming, the pressure measured at the surface of the earth - anywhere - should have diminished over the past several years.

That is what I set out to verify.

The Methodology

I set out to look for a correlation between global warming and Canada through barometric pressure readings.

I extracted station pressure readings for Montreal, Quebec, Canada, from the certified climatological data banks of Environment Canada.

I chose average station pressure for the month of January, for the period between 1953 and 2008, 56 years, to ensure statistical significance and reliability.

  • Why 1953? Because there are no available records prior to 1953 where I got them from (see info on source of data below).

  • Why January? I could have chosen any month, really. It was an arbitrary choice. I felt that, if there is global warming, it should show up in January more dramatically than at any other time of the year!

If the atmosphere has become warmer, it must also have become lighter ... and not just in a few places on earth but everywhere!

The Global Warming And Canada Results

Here are graphic illustrations of what I found.

Global warming and Canada under pressure.

Notice the wildly swinging barometric pressure values, from one January to the next. Anyone would be hard pressed to draw any conclusions from this.

But, when you look at the 30 year running average of these values (below) ... that's when the true tendency stands out!

Global warming and Canada under increasing pressure.

Not quite the global warming graph you would expect, huh?

As you can see, the atmospheric pressure has risen - not fallen - since 1987, over Montreal.

In other words, the atmosphere has become heavier,
therefore cooler!!!
And ... have you noticed the rising trend
toward heavier = cooler still?!

This is not a "local phenomenon". The atmosphere knows no boundary. In fact, I believe my findings to be representative of the global situation!

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Conclusion On Global Warming And Canada

The atmosphere has become colder, especially since 1987.

Up to now, I have tried to find evidence of global warming over Canada, from two separate studies (points of view),

  • barometric pressure readings (this study).
  • surface temperature readings (earlier study here),

In spite of all my efforts, I have yet to find evidence of global warming over Canada.

Please remember. You read about this fact first, right here.
(This page was published on June 03, 2008)

I won't call my findings a discovery, because I know half the world's scientists already knows and agrees ... and the other half simply chose to dismiss (ignore) it!

Half the world's scientific community insists that there is global warming and Canada is also affected by it. My findings say otherwise!

Source of data for the graphs:
The National Climate Data and Information Archive of Canada
Data extracted from "Hourly Data Reports" for :
Latitude: 45° 28.200' N Longitude: 73° 45.000' W Elevation: 35.70 m
Climate ID: 7025250 WMO ID: 71627 TC ID: YUL
Url of the data access page :

P.S. If you believe that I chose the barometric pressure data for Montreal to serve my purpose, I invite you to choose any other data set, and check for yourself. The access to the data is free.

You will find the atmospheric pressure is rising, no matter where you live ... or choose to check!

So. The question remains. If it's not global warming, why is the climate changing? Are we in one of its periodic swings? If so, what is causing the swings?

It takes a stupendous amount of energy to change climate. Could it be the sun, our only source of energy? Nah !;-) The IPCC says "No way"! It's man alone. Man is more powerful than the sun after all. Right? Hmmm!

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What if there were no global warming and Canada were to be the first country to say out loud that the "the emperor has no clothes"!

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