Which Future Weather Forecast Is Valid?

Looking for the future weather forecast? Before I can satisfy your request, allow me make something clear.

There are only two kinds of weather forecasts.

  1. The latest valid forecast for a given period and region.
  2. The previous (now obsolete) weather forecast for that same given region.

Environment Canada issues weather forecasts and weather outlooks every day.

A weather forecast for the next 48 hours is issued (updated) three times a day:

  • Around 5:30 AM, local time.
  • Just before noon local time.
  • Around 4:30 PM local time.

Be aware that the forecast can and will be amended if significant changes in the meteorological situation occur to justify changing the forecast.

The amended forecast is immediately transmitted to the media ... but you may never be informed of it because...

  • The radio or TV station is not "scheduled" to broadcast the weather forecast information when the amended forecast reaches them!

  • You are either away at work or otherwise busy and not listening to the radio or watching TV!

Really the surest way of being informed of any changes in the forecast is to listen to WeatheRadio Canada which broadcasts (continuously) the very latest:

  • weather observations,
  • weather forecasts,
  • advisories, weather watches or warnings.

Of course, being constantly listening to your Weather Radio receiver may not be practical either! At least, you now know how weather forecasts are made available to you!

Just remember that future weather predictions or forecasts do not exist. There is only the latest valid forecast. The others are obsolete!

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