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Meteorology And Me

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This page explains what motivated me to create this Web site.

You will also see what makes this site a credible source of useful "behind the scene" information about weather observing and forecasting.

I retired from operational meteorology after 31 years of service with EC . . .

However, my love affair with meteorology did not end there. Far from it!

My passion for everything directly - or even remotely - related to meteorology lives on, right here!

My Environment Canada Retirement Certificate.

Environment Canada is the official authority in all matters concerning weather observing and forecasting in Canada.

Enviroment Canada also maintains The National Climate Data and Information Archive (NCDIA).

The NCDIA contains certified meteorological data, observed over Canadian territory, going back as far as 1840.

Last but not least, EC is the only official body to represent Canada within the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). EC scientists and researchers bring a major contribution to the WMO programs.

To acquire a good understanding of what meteorology is and the meteorologist's work, I highly recommend this outstanding course: Meteorology: An Introduction to the Wonders of the Weather!

My Specialized Training

I learned everything I know about meteorology from the specialized training that I received, and from more than thirty years in operational weather services.

Diploma Course Graduation Date
My Environment Canada Basic Meteorological Course Certificate. Technician Meteorological Course

Basic Meteorology Theory and Meteorological Observing Techniques
August 12, 1966
My Environment Canada Advanced Meteorological Course Certificate. Advanced Meteorology Course March 14, 1969
My Environment Canada Meteorological Operations Course Certificate. Advanced Meteorological Operations And Analysis Feb 12, 1971
My Environment Canada Meteorological Information Specialist Certificate. Meteorological Information Specialist June 11, 1971
My Environment Canada Meteorological Computer Applications Course Certificate. Meteorological Computer Applications Analysis and Programming May 12, 1981
My Enviroment Canada Regional Meteorological Systems Manager Certificate. Regional Meteorological Communications Systems Manager (Quebec) April 22, 1988

Back in the summer of 1966, when I was taking the first of many specialized meteorological training courses, Transport Canada - Meteorological Branch was responsible for meteorological training.

Why? Because, at the time, the two major consumer groups, requiring specialized meteorological information for their operations, were in the transportation industry:

  • Aviation - civil and military.
  • Marine - civil and military.

From Transport To Environment

The meteorological operations and services were moved under the responsibility of Environment Canada in the late seventies.

The range of applications for meteorology has widened considerably since then.

Aviation and marine are still major customers. But almost every other industrial and commercial activities imaginable now use meteorological information, in one form or another, to plan their operations.

The range of services aimed directly at the general public and broadcasting media, has also widened considerably.

My Web Site

I love to share my enthusiasm about everything meteorological, as well as my knowledge and know-how, with as many people as possible.

The results, to date, are nothing short of astonishing.

The progression over the last twelve months is even more impressive. See the graph of my Web site's traffic stats as proof.

Traffic stats of an Environment Canada retiree Web site.

Needless to say that I am proud of the progress I have made on the Web to date! I intend to feed the upward trend by adding even more pages of useful content ... for your benefit.

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You will find it rewarding, in more ways than one!

I hope you enjoy my Web site.

Claude Jollet   B.Sc.A.
Meteorological Information Specialist - Retired

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