The Elusive Effects Of
Global Warming

What are the effects of global warming? The "pressure" is on to find out, as you will see.

First, we have to agree that there is global atmospheric warming, that the atmosphere, over the entire globe, is warmer than, say, ten, twenty or thirty years ago.

Not an easy thing to do, when even the scientific community, itself, is divided on the issue.

I decided to investigate the matter myself, as I felt it was time to "go green", anyway.

What Global Warming?

I have already published two studies, on this Web site, that demonstrate clearly - using official Canadian data - that anyone would have a hard time finding the atmosphere warmer over Canada than it was twenty years ago.

In fact, my studies lead to the opposite conclusion! The atmosphere over Canada, instead of getting warmer, has been slowly getting cooler!

I doubt if my findings can be considered a "local" effect, as some would be tempted to say! Canada is a pretty big country, after all.

You can judge for yourself. I invite you to read the results of my studies.

My first study finds no evidence of global warming over Canada, using official surface temperature data.

My second study even demonstrates that the atmosphere is actually cooler than it was twenty years ago! This study uses official readings of atmospheric pressure.

Yes! Pressure. Unusual way of investigating global warming ... but quite logical and accurate, as you will discover by reading the results of my study.

Barometric pressure is more accurate, in fact, than surface temperature readings, when it comes down to determining if the atmosphere is, over all, getting warmer or cooler around us.

I have to conclude, after my two studies, that there is no evidence of global atmospheric warming over Canada, at least, none that I can find. Again. Please judge by yourself.

Effects Of What Then?

If you conclude, as I do, that we are not witnessing the effects of global warming of the atmosphere . . . what, then, could be the cause of some of the changes we can observe in our Canadian environment and climate?

Here are two of the most publicized in Canada?

  • The Arctic pack ice is melting. The "northwest passage" is opening up ... again?

    Nothing new there. That's the Arctic route, from Greenland to Alaska across the Canadian Arctic archipelago, that Roald Amundsen first successfully completed in 1906, in a fortified ship named Gjøa.
  • The polar bear population is dwindling?

    Do we have reliable counts, from twenty or thirty years ago, to compare with?

    Their numbers could be dwindling because their habitat is changing too fast, and their food supply is also changing ... due to warmer Arctic waters.

    But what's causing the Arctic waters to warm up? Remember that global warming left Alert cold, in my first study!

The Causes Again?

Yes, these and many other phenomena are occurring. But they are not, as far as I can tell, effects of global warming.

Instead they are the result of . . .

Ah! Right. That's where everyone starts to look for the causes! Some insist that there is only one overriding cause: man's activities. That is precisely what the scientific community cannot agree on, right now ;-)

My recommendation?
Avoid jumping to conclusions too quickly.
Keep a sharp lookout for reliable information.
Above all, do keep an open mind.

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