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Claude Jollet e-publishing author and Webmaster.

I am an infopreneur. I use e-publishing to publish what I know about meteorology and related subjects.

An infopreneur is a publisher of information derived from her/his experience and know-how.

To publish successfully, an infopreneur must have an active publishing presence on the Web. Here is why.

The most important aspect of publishing, online or off, is marketing.

I rely on a proven Web marketing process called SBI!

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No matter how good your e-book or Web site content, without effective marketing you and your e-book are doomed to perpetual oblivion!

Effective marketing, on the Web and off line, means getting the attention of an ever increasing number of your targeted readers ... your potential customers.

I also means getting a readership, without having to pay thousands of dollars in advertising ... repeatedly.

My e-Publishing Web Site

By following the Site Build It! process, I have pushed my Web site up in the top 3% on the Web.

There are more than 100 million Web sites out there. Being in the top 3% means ranking in the top 3,000,000.

Here is a sample (below) of my Web site stats in graph form. It is typical of the results you can expect with Site Build It!

Many do much better than me! Yet, to say that I am pleased with my own results would be an understatement!

The traffic stats of my e-publishing Web site.


My Web site is my private Web-publishing agent
relentlessly promoting me and my writings on the Web
24 hours a day, seven days a week, non-stop!

Do you have, or wish you had, a Web site or blog?

Whatever your purpose may be for having one, you will find useful information here that will enable you to exceed your expectations.

Submit your e-publishing purpose and see what Google comes up with.
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The "SBI" Process


The Site Build It! (SBI) Web publishing and marketing process is unique and extremely effective. Here is why, in point form:

  • The process is clearly explained in ten (10) easily understandable and doable steps.

  • SBI! removes all technical barriers. No need for you to know Web technology.

  • SBI! automates complex tasks such as notifying search engines of each addition you make to your Web site content.

  • The SBI Action Guide and world class customer support constitute a permanently available mentoring presence.

  • A vibrant and helpful community of SBIers is always there to help and answer you questions in the SBI private forums.

  • SBI!'s Brainstorm It! module makes identifying and occupying your niche almost impossible to miss.

  • The Blog It! module turns your entire Web publishing site into a site blog ... automatically! No extra software, skills or efforts required.

  • You can even hire a SBI! Certified Coach to help you with a given aspect ... or hire a SBI! Certified Expert do it all for you!

If you are at all serious in marketing yourself, and e-publishing, you owe it to yourself to put Site Build It! to work for you.

After all, thousands of infopublishers like me are successful e-publishers because of Site Build It!. Some even produced a video about their experience with SBI!

The Bottom Line: Do I Make Money?

Yes, indeed! How much? Enough to make my retirement very comfortable!

I make direct income from my Web site...

  • by allowing Google to post ads on my Web site pages.

  • by posting affiliate links to weather related products such as weather stations, weather radio receivers, books and DVDs. They pay a minimum of 4% commission on every sale.

  • by posting SiteSell affiliate links on my Web pages. I receive a $75 commission on every SBI! subscription sold, and on every renewal, for "life", that is as long as each customer keeps renewing!

    I also receive $125 commission on every eLearning SBI! (instructor assisted) Course I sell!

The above income is called "passive income" because I do not have to work extra for it!

Once I publish my Web pages, and insert the money-making links, the income generators are on "auto-pilot"!

But, that's not all. I also make indirect income...

  • from sales made by members of my SiteSell affiliate team! See the SiteSell Affiliate Program for details.

  • as a consultant, helping businesses solve weather-related problems.

  • as a copy writer for businesses, writing articles for e-publishing.

    My prospective clients can sample, first hand, the content that I write and post on my Web sites (I own three)!

    I have, thus, acquired an enviable reputation as a copy writer. Need proof? Look up "Claude Jollet" (with the quotes) on Google. Google will return thousands of links to Web pages that mention me by name!

As you can see, there are many ways of generating income from e-publishing using Web sites that really work as active marketing agents for you ... which is what you get when you use Site Build It!

Try SBI! Now! Click here.
Site Build It! comes with a no-risk guarantee!

Wishing you all the best,

Claude Jollet   B.Sc.A.
Meteorological Information Specialist - Retired
Editor & Webmaster

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