Disagreement on Global Warming is Bogus

by H.E. Skid Crease
(Caledon, ON, Canada)

Over 95% of practicing global climate change scientists not only agree that we are living in a period of accelerated climate change, but that anthropogenic causes are responsible for the acceleration. The "deniers" tend to be economists or lobbyist "scientists"; unfortunately the 5% that are in denial get a disproportionate amount of airspace, like this website.

I have been studying patterns in climate change since 1986, synthesizing the reports of legitimate global climate change scientists - the train is out of the station and all we can do now is mitigate - just ask the insurance companies.

H.E. Skid Crease

Editorial Comment
by Claude Jollet

I welcome this opportunity to clarify my intentions. I cannot ignore, nor keep for myself, what 31 years of operational meteorology, and continued research since, have taught me on atmospheric behaviour.

I do not deny that we are experiencing climate changes in many parts of the world. I do not deny man's contribution either. However, do take into consideration scientific references to water vapor and sub-oceanic volcanoes, amongst others! (See references at the end of this article)

I question that man - alone - might be responsible because I have found evidence to the contrary.

I want to help people better understand *all* the factors involved in climate change. We have some control over only a few of those factors (carbon emissions, deforestation, etc).

We need to focus on what we can afford to do, all within an ill-defined time frame. In my view, concentrating on man-made emissions alone is a mistake.

For that, we need facts and we need to have them out in the open for all to consider.

Verifiable Facts Over Theory

I do not use a theoretical model of the atmosphere, with its inherent assumptions, to analyze what's been going on in the atmosphere over the past few 100 years or - worse - to predict future climate changes!

Nor do I pretend that predicting future atmospheric warming or cooling, with the accompanying climate changes, is feasible. If we had reliable atmospheric observations going back at least a thousand years or two, then, perhaps, we would have the necessary hindsight to understand what's at play here.

We do not!

Clearly, then, we cannot predict with reasonable confidence how the atmosphere and climate will change in the coming years without the necessary data.

Reliable data for scientific purposes only began to be gathered on a large scale during WWII for military purposes. Granted, some universities and researchers had been measuring and logging observations for centuries prior to WWII. But they are too few and not evenly spread, geographically, to be representative of the world climate.

Therefore, I only consider and study verifiable facts. Especially, facts that *anyone* can verify.

Facts, when presented clearly and in an unbiased way, speak for themselves and do not require a Ph.D. to understand. Digging for reliable facts does require knowing where to look (see below) as well as patience and a healthy dose of common sense.

Open To World Wide Scrutiny

I deliberately choose to openly publish my findings on this Web site instead of limiting myself to a closed community of scientists. This ensures that, not only climatologists and meteorologists can - and should - look into my findings, but people from all walks of life and scientific background too!

The more different points of view the better, but only if those points of view can be freely expressed!

Climate change is a very complex problem. I firmly believe that understanding it requires a multi-disciplinary approach. As I cannot honestly pretend to know which scientific disciplines should be involved, I invite whoever can and wants to contribute, to do so freely, without fear of being scorned.

Thus, I intentionally expose my articles to be reviewed by my peers: the citizens of the world who have not abandoned their right to question and think freely. People who have not taken leave of their basic common sense.

Nothing in meteorology and climatology is "cut and dried"! Therefore, there is always more than one contributing factor, more than one plausible answer!

A Focus On Canadian Climate Data

I only publish here what the official weather observations over the Canadian territory reveal on Canada's atmosphere.

As owner and editor of Weather-in-Canada-Observer.com - I only share what has been and is being observed here in Canada by the network of government owned and operated weather stations.

Where we are being given to believe that man is exclusively responsible for a so-called global atmospheric warming - and that said warming is the only cause for the climate changes that many parts of the world are experiencing - I intentionally leave open, for all to see, the many possible causes behind atmospheric warming (see scientific references below).

Observed Anomaly

I am particularly looking for an answer to the noticeable exception that Canada's lower atmospheric temperatures constitute in this context of "global atmospheric warming". I considered both near ground level temperatures and temperatures aloft, as recorded over Canada.

My question remains: How to explain the fact that Canada's lower atmospheric temperatures have not warmed noticeably over its vast territory, except along the Pacific West Coast, over the last 30 years or so?

I cannot leave this anomaly unexplored nor unrevealed!

I just share facts as I find them and raise a question.

Invitation To Further Pondering

Of course, my published findings lead to further pondering. That's intentional on my part!

Everyone is not only free but cordially invited to study the same data and openly publish what they find, here or elsewhere. The Canadian data is available for all to see and study in Canada's National Climate Data and Information Archive: http://climate.weatheroffice.gc.ca/climateData/canada_e.html

I will stand corrected if I am proven to have read them wrong.

Notwithstanding, I feel it is my duty, as a responsible citizen, knowledgeable in meteorology, to report what has been actually observed. I do so by using the Canadian meteorological data, exactly as it is recorded in the Canadian climatological archives.

My findings are derived directly from officially observed meteorological conditions which I consider as fact. Anyone can verify and note these facts by looking at the same set of data records that I have looked at in Canada's National Climate Data and Information Archive.

I raise questions and provide reasonably plausible answers in my articles because most people do not readily understand the dynamic behaviour of the atmosphere and the many factors influencing its behaviour.

I publish articles, in which I use laymen's terms, to help people better interpret what they read or hear on the news vs what the facts reveal.

"All encompassing" expressions such as "climate change" and "global warming" are widely reported as being the result of man's activity, exclusively.

Undeniably, man does contribute. But what exactly is the importance of his input in the overall equation?

There Is More To It Than Meets The Eye

Obviously, there are other factors at play here because Canada's official data on atmospheric temperatures does not reflect the reported "global warming" trend.

I can vouch for the reliability of the Canadian climatological data because I know how it is verified and validated. Another advantage is that Canada's data is freely and publicly accessible, which may not be the case in other countries!

Granted, it is a pain to extract the data out of the Canadian archives because there is only a graphical user interface (GUI) available to the public (http://climate.weatheroffice.gc.ca/climateData/canada_e.html). One has to manually extract and transfer data to a spreadsheet or local database for further study.

People are entitled access to all sides of the story, even if it makes understanding the causes of the obvious climate changes temporarily more difficult.

Keeping everything out in the open is vital to our collective understanding and ability to act where and when we can.

Someone dubbed my findings "WikiLeaks on the global warming issue".

Fitting, considering the level of protest I have been stirring up.

Respectfully watchful and mindful,

Claude Jollet B.Sc.A.
Owner & Editor


I posted the results of the various aspects of my study in a series of articles here:







Reference data:

Reference articles:
"Has Global Warming Ground To A Halt?" (There is more to it than meets the eye!)

"Global warming bubbles up from the ocean" (One of many causes of . . .)

"Atmospheric humidity increases global warming " (Water vapor main greenhouse gas!)

Keep looking for facts.

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