The New Davis Weather Station

The new Davis weather station, the Vantage Pro2®, replaced the Davis instrument flagship wireless weather station, Vantage Pro®.

The Vantage Pro2® now uses a new, high performance radio technology, which is incompatible with the now discontinued Vantage Pro® weather station. Therefore, make sure you select the appropriate wireless sensor, if you plan to add to an existing system.

The frequency hopping, spread spectrum, radio transmitting technology is designed to improve reliable communication and considerably reduce susceptibility to disrupting radio interference, especially in urban areas.

The new Davis weather station will transmit and receive data up to a distance (unobstructed line of sight) of 300 meters (1000 ft.) between the outdoor sensors and the display console.

The Vantage Pro2® will measure, with more than adequate accuracy for home or many commercial applications, standard atmospheric parameters such as:

  • barometric pressure,
  • temperature, (sensor shielded from solar radiation)
  • humidity, (sensor shielded from solar radiation)
  • wind direction and speed,
  • rainfall,

The following options are available:

  • solar radiation,
  • UV Index and Dose,
  • Evapotranspiration,
  • Leaf wetness,
  • Soil moisture,
  • Temp-Humidity-Sun-Wind Index (computed)

The display console also makes the following additional information available:

  • daily highs and lows, monthly highs and lows for humidity, temperature, and pressure;
  • one-minute, hourly, daily, monthly and yearly highs for rainfall;
  • yearly lows and highs for temperature;
  • hourly, daily, monthly, and yearly averages for wind direction

... for the past 24 days, months or years, without the use of a personal computer.

Davis Instruments also manufactures less sophisticated weather station models:

  • Weather Wizard III® (temperature, wind speed and direction, and optional rainfall).
  • Weather Monitor II® (same as Wizard III, plus barometric pressure).
  • Perception II® (indoor monitoring of temperature, humidity, barometric pressure).

Most weather station models are configurable for specific installation requirements.

Davis Instruments is also renowned for its

  • automotive electronic vehicle monitoring systems and
  • marine accessories, including a hand-held ultrasonic wind meter, using patented technology.

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