A Crank Radio
To Wind Up Safe

A crank radio is the ultimate emergency weather alert radio receiver. Why? Because it will ...

  • work without public electrical power,
  • work without needing replaceable alkaline batteries.

You generate the electricity that the emergency radio needs to operate, simply by cranking its handle (about two turns per second, on most models).

The cranking action turns a small dynamo inside the casing, thus recharging the internal rechargeable batteries.

Life Saving Information

Information is vital, during impending or immediate emergencies, especially when it is broadcast by public authorities.

You are always safe, knowing you can receive

  • severe weather alerts,
  • alerts to other life threatening hazards,
  • regular weather forecasts,
  • local news (AM or FM).

Timely Empowering Information

Armed with reliable information, you can take appropriate action to

  • seek shelter,
  • evacuate,
  • take appropriate measures to protect your property.

Thus, a hand cranked radio can help you avoid disaster by giving you prior warning, and time to react.

Knowing that you can always have access to reliable information, when you need it, will help you avoid taking the wrong decisions in panic.

Even While Sleeping

Obviously, there will be times when you will need to leave your weather radio turned on when you are sleeping, and not available to operate the hand crank.

Fortunately, some emergency hand cranked radios are designed to work from multiple sources of electricity.

  • public electrical power (if available), using an A/C adapter,
  • internal alkaline batteries (separate from the rechargeable battery pack).

Versatile and independent from external power sources, a crank emergency radio will supply you with the critical information you need to make the right decisions, when severe weather and other hazards loom.

Compatibility Note

An emergency crank radio
made for the North-American market
will work equally well in Canada and the US.

The Severe Weather & Hazards Alerting Systems
of Environment Canada and NOAA
are fully compatible.

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