Cause Of Global Warming
Could It Be...

Looking for the cause of global warming? It is likely that you are assuming global atmospheric warming is causing the climatic changes that are being observed in parts of the world.

Cause of global warming illustration.

Could the cause of global warming be ocean water temperature rising?

It is a very real possibility. Why? Because ...

I have not (yet) found evidence of atmospheric warming over Canada (see here).

My research forces me to conclude that we cannot be experiencing "global" warming ... if Canada has somehow been spared!

In fact, I have found that the atmosphere has actually grown cooler over Canada! (see here).

To better understand how the atmosphere works, and its interaction with the earth's surface and oceans, I highly recommend...

What If ...

So. What if there is no global atmospheric warming? Instead, what if we are experiencing a global ocean warming?

Could it be that the phenomena we are observing ...

  • Polar ice cap shrinking, and sending icebergs floating in increasing number in the North Sea, off the Eastern coast of Canada.

  • Antarctic ice shelf doing the same in the southern hemisphere.

  • ... to name two ...

... are the direct result of sea surface temperature rising?

Ocean Temperature Graphs

The two sea surface temperature charts below clearly show that the Pacific Ocean water temperature was warmer, from the mid twenties to the mid forties and, again, warmer since the seventies!

Possible cause of global warming. Graph from AOOS - Alaska Ocean Observing System.
Source: AOOS Website (June 19, 2008).

A cause of global warming depicted in a graph of the Pacific Ocean temperatures.
The Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO)

The Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) Index is defined as the leading principal component of North Pacific monthly sea surface temperature variability.

Quoting the JISAO (Joint Institute for the Study of the Atmosphere and Ocean):

... "warm" PDO regimes dominated from 1925-1946 and from 1977 through (at least) the mid-1990's"

"Causes for the PDO are not currently known. Likewise, the potential predictability for this climate oscillation are not known".

What To Conclude?

We can see on the graphs that the Pacific Ocean temperature rose, and has only just begun to cool back down in recent years.

That would explain the warmer temperatures I found on Canada's Pacific west coast, in my recent research (see here). Port Hardy, British Columbia (and most other stations on the west coast), have reported a distinct warming trend that began in the seventies.

You will have noticed the correlation between
  • the warmer Pacific waters (see graphs above),
  • and the warming trend on Canada's west coast (see my study).
Consequently ... I believe the warmer ocean waters are most likely the cause of ice shelves melting, and the resulting dramatic changes in wildlife habitats.

Further Investigation Required

It all began when I could not find evidence of global atmospheric warming over Canada. Then I discovered that the world's scientific community was torn in half on, whether or not, there is global atmospheric warming!

So, after my two first studies, I decided to change course. Instead of looking for the cause of global warming, I began looking for the cause behind some of the climatic changes that have been observed in parts of Canada.

That is how I stumbled on the above research results on the Pacific Ocean temperature. Interesting, to say the least.

But, what has caused the Pacific Ocean waters to warm up?

That is the question ... that the scientific community is still trying to answer!

This important find has had an impact on the efforts to find the cause of global warming.

Keep a sharp weather watch and an open mind.

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