The Canadian Weather Forecast

The official version of the Canadian weather forecast is produced by Environment Canada each day.

A brief summary of the forecast for Canada's major cities is displayed below, in pictorial form, on the left hand side. A link to the full version of the forecasts is given in the text on the right hand side.

The forecast is updated at preset times during the day:

  • early morning, around 05:30 local time
  • just before noon, around 11:30 local time
  • late afternoon, around 17:30 local time

As soon as it is produced, the complete version of the official forecast is automatically transmitted on Weather Radio Canada (see below), as well as to the public media.

An amended forecast may be issued at any time between regular issue times, when the situation warrants it.

Click here for
the latest official forecast

(the complete version)
produced for the general public by Environment Canada.

The Available Version(s)

Please note, however, that (the version of) the weather forecast that is eventually broadcast on commercial radio and television, as well as published in the daily newspapers, is ...

  • always summarized
  • always part of the complete story!

An official summarized version of the Canadian weather forecast, including a five day outlook, as well as historical data, is available here.

Specialized Forecasts

In addition to the public regular weather forecast, Environment Canada (sometimes spelled Enviroment Canada by mistake) also produces regular forecasts for more specialized user groups.

  • Aviation (civil and military)
  • Marine (coastal and inland waters) (civil, military and pleasure boating)
  • Agriculture
  • Public Health Authorities (smog and pollution dispersion)

In cases of civil emergencies, Environment Canada will also produce highly specialized forecasts, adapted to the emergency situation at hand. Because of their highly specialized nature, these forecasts are for official use only.

Dealing With Changes

The atmosphere is dynamic and constantly changing.

Environment Canada meteorologists maintain a constant weather watch, 24 hours per day, seven days a week, non-stop.

Meteorologists use powerful computers, programmed to alert them to significant events and changes, enabling them to ...

  • see the need to modify the Canadian weather forecast
  • alert the users of the changes made to the official forecast.

However ... the amended public forecasts seldom if ever reach the general public!

How To Stay Tuned

The best way to stay constantly informed of the latest changes to the weather forecast, advisories, warnings and alerts is by listening to the Weather Radio service. It is free and completely reliable.

On top of alerting you of impending severe weather, the Weather Radio broadcasts always reflect the very latest changes made to the forecast!

Stay tuned and keep a sharp weather watch!

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