British Columbia Weather
And Climate

British Columbia, Canada With Climate Regions. Source of map: Environment Canada.

The narrow coastal region of British Columbia weather lies within a climatic region of Canada named the Pacific climatic region. It extends generally less than 150 kilometers inland, often barely a few kilometers. It includes a string of offshore islands.

This climatic region is characterized by it's cool summers and mild winters. Because of the prevailing westerly circulation of mild, moist air off the Pacific, temperatures seldom drop below -15C in the winter, or rise above 32C in the summer.

Graph of temperature and precipitation normals for Vancouver Intl. Airport, British Columbia, Canada. Source of data: Environment Canada.

The Pacific climatic region is the rainiest of Canada! On the average, more than 200 centimeters of precipitation irrigates this region every year.

No wonder the vegetation is so dense, and the trees so huge, in the Pacific Climatic region!

British Columbia Climate And Weather:
A Real Challenge!

British Columbia's interior climate is called the "Cordillera climate region". It is the undisputed most complex climatic region of Canada. One of the main difficulty is that most of the data available comes from weather observing stations located in the deep valleys of the Rockies!

The weather of British Columbia, as well as it's climate, vary considerably from the coast, to deep valleys, to plateaus, to high mountains.

The climate is far from homogeneous in the Cordillera. Diurnal temperatures variations are the greatest of all Canadian climatic regions.

Kamloops British Columbia Canada - Normals. Source of data: Environment Canada.

The deep southern valleys are the hottest spots of Canada in the summer!

Yearly precipitation amounts decrease from west to east, across successive mountain ranges.

British Columbia's climate and weather are the most challenging for Canadian meteorologists and climatologists! Forecasting snowfall, and avalanches, in the mountain passes can be a nightmare!

Stay tuned, and keep a sharp weather watch!

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