Brighter In Dark Season

by Cory Buott (obs/com (surface wx geek))
(Resolute "A" Nunavut)

Seems the last few years amount of light in dark season is increasing (N75 W95, CYRB - Resolute Bay)
We are speculating this is caused by reflection off some kind of pollutant (particulate?) trapped in upper air region.

This year (2008) it never really got dark here; it used to get pitch-black!

Wayne Davison (our upper air geek) has some interesting theories regarding this...

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Oct 29, 2015
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Oct 09, 2015
This phenomenon NEW
by: Alfred Moore

This phenomenon occurs every eleven years or so.

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Aug 30, 2015
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Feb 01, 2009
Let's try and shed some light on this!
by: Claude Jollet


Cory, try to get Wayne Davison to reveal his theory about this phenomenon. We'd love to hear it.

My theory would be that the sun is presently entering its 24th sunspot cycle. This phenomenon occurs every eleven years or so.

The sun's renewed activity, which should be increasing rapidly during 2009-2011, could (?) account for the different luminescence.

Perhaps one of my readers would have a scientific explanation? If so, could we have it in layman's terms, please ;-)

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