About Me And Brain Food!

Claude Jollet reveals where he finds his brain food.

Six months into retirement, my brain was starving. It was craving for its daily ration of brain food!

Just like the body needs food and regular exercise, my mind requires an adequate supply of brain foods and brain exercises, on a daily basis. It's the only road to brain fitness ... and mental health!

To feed your brain the "food" it needs to undertand how weather works, and what's behind global warming and climate change, I recommend...

How I Developed A Taste For It

Claude Jollet Environment Canada retirement certificate. When my hunger for brain food started.

I was a meteorological information specialist for more than a quarter of a century (see link to "My credentials" at bottom of this page). During all those years, I helped business people, and the general public, solve operational problems daily, by providing them with meteorological information tailored to their needs.

Where I Looked

I began looking, in earnest, for a way to continue helping people with weather related problems. But I wanted to be able to do it from the comfort of my own home.

I first thought of writing a book on
meteorology, and how it can help people.

That did not work because book publishers always want to bet on a sure thing: a writer with credentials and a confirmed readership! Now, how in in the world can one ever become a known writer ... if no publisher will take a chance on a newcomer?

Check mate!

Then I looked into self-publishing.

If you can afford it (the costs can run anywhere from several hundred dollars to $10,000 or more), you are still not out of the woods yet. You still have to find the time and the means to promote your book!

I don't have that kind of money or time. Another dead end!

Then I turned to the World Wide Web.

Millions of people have a Web site or a "blog". That looked like the way to go ... until I found out that the majority of them are not being found!

99% of sites and "blogs" are only getting a trickle of traffic.
They are not acquiring a readership.

Therefore, they can't be of much help to anyone!

How do I know this? There are more than 100 million sites on the Web. If a Web site does not rank in the top three million, it means that very few people are finding it!

I used the free services of Alexa.com to check out the traffic ranking of the sites I visited. Alexa.com is the reference on the Web.

How I Got Lucky!

SBI! Do The Math

In theory, one can publish and acquire a readership on the Web. So, I kept mining the Web for a solution that works.

One day, I found my solution by accident. Isn't it always like that? I found out how to get the readership I want ... and more!

Not with a "blog". No, with a highly structured and optimized Web site - powered by SBI! - instead!

It felt like I had found the proverbial "needle in a hay stack". Really!

To top it all, the process I found was just the brain food I was looking for!

I now have the readership that exceeds my wildest dreams!

Traffic stats of Weather-In-Canada-Observer.com - Brain food can be good for the soul too!


Due Credit Goes To ...

Apart from the content of my Web site (which is not bad ... if I do say so myself ;-)  I cannot take all the credit for this successful outcome.

I did not invent the Web publishing process responsible for putting my Web sites in the top 3% on the Web today. I learned everything there is to know about Web publishing with SBI!

The SBI Action Guide and documentation proved to be real brain food in that regard!

My Web site gets over 25,000 page views per month and rising! That's not all. That traffic is rewarding ... and in more ways than one!

Want to know how I get all that rewarding traffic?

Click Here
For more luscious brain food!

Wishing you the very best,

Claude Jollet   B.Sc.A.
Meteorological Information Specialist - Retired (My credentials)
Editor & Webmaster

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