The 5 Day Forecast
Weather In Canada

Environment Canada produces and regularly updates a 5 day forecast weather information page for all parts of Canada.

It is the most popular of all extended weather forecast products produced by Enviroment Canada because...

  1. You can get an overall view of present and forecast weather across Canada for each of the 5-day period covered.

  2. You can also narrow down to a highly detailed view of current conditions and forecast of a given city of your choice in Canada.

  3. The Current Conditions section even offers access to detailed hourly observations of the past 24 hours, as well as the current radar and satellite imagery.

  4. By clicking on the "Show Details" link, you can view the full text version of the 5-day forecast for a given city.

  5. Finally, you can view historical data for any given city, including averages and extreme values of temperature and precipitation.

All told, the 5 day weather forecast page is highly informative and quite useful when you are planning weather-dependant activities over the coming five days.

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