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This site describes and explains weather in Canada and its many climate regions. Other weather related topics, some of which are "controversial", are also explored and commented by a seasoned meteorological information specialist ... yours truly.

You will also find useful "decision making" information on traditional weather observing instruments, as well as on the latest electronic and wireless weather stations.

The weather forecast is useless ... unless it is immediately made available - and accessible - to its intended audience.

Therefore, this site includes information on scheduled forecasts, revised or amended bulletins, as well as advisories, warnings and alerts ... and, most importantly, where to find the latest official bulletins or even hear them broadcast "live" on weather radio!

Through The Eyes Of Experience

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Observing the weather is the fundamental first step in understanding the behavior of the atmosphere.

This Web site helps you take the next step by informing you of aspects of weather-related issues that never make the news. The "other side of the coin" - the true weather in Canada - will be revealed where it was hidden from public view.

Armed with reliable and verifiable information, you will become a wiser observer, able to judge, by yourself, the value of what you read and hear about atmospheric phenomena ... and their true impact (if any) on our global climate.

Understanding What You See And Hear About The Weather

To better understand the issues presented on this site, I recommend...

The "working knowledge" of the atmosphere's behavior, acquired by

  • taking appropriate courses,
  • and actively seeking to understand and differentiate causes and effects,
  • and performing daily weather observations,

... helps greatly in being able to put into proper context such popular (often controversial) issues as ...

  • "global warming", its causes and effects,
  • severe weather phenomena and their causes,
  • climate change and its causes,
  • and, ultimately, the forecast itself!

Over recent years, even sedate climatological data has managed to make the headlines!

May The Real Forecast Stand Out!

I will expose you to the official version of the "public" forecast. I will also reveal

  • what happens before the official forecast is issued,
  • what happens to it when it hits the press wires,
  • what happens beyond it.

My Goal

Weather in Canada Observer - picture of Claude Jollet, editor and webmaster.

I dedicate my Web site to all that is related to weather in Canada. My aim is to help you, and all weather enthusiasts, acquire a better understanding of the inner workings of the atmosphere.

You will become harder to fool and manipulate, after having been exposed to the verifiable facts about "things meteorological" revealed in these pages.

My Recommendation

Keep a sharp weather watch, a watchful and critical eye on reported events but, above all, keep an open mind at all times!

  • When you have observed a noteworthy weather phenomenon that you want to share with the world, share it here.
  • When you have a constructive opinion to share, publish it here.
  • When you have a question, ask here ... and double check by asking elsewhere too!

I will gladly help you find the information you should have to help you make an informed decision about what lies behind the forecast and other "weather related" events that are reported in the news.

If it's related to weather in Canada, behind the scene or not, I will bring it to light and explain it on this Web site.

Claude Jollet B.Sc.A. Meteorological information specialist.

Claude Jollet   B.Sc.A.
Meteorological Information Specialist - Retired
Editor & Webmaster

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